"Our cattle are going to work for you because they've always had to work. When they leave 
our place and go to yours it will be just another day at the office."

Cattle for the working rancher.

The Cattle


Originally commercial producers themselves, they set out to find bulls that worked for their program. Bulls that could travel, handle elevation changes of thousands of feet, maintain condition in rough environments, and produce a calf that could do the same. But finding that animal proved harder that what they thought it would. 

Thus began the journey of KBC. Good bulls come from good cows. 

The Ribeye Auction


The West has deep roots to the cow, the cowman, the working horse and the ranch dog. We bring these concepts together every spring at the Ribeye Auction offering high quality working dogs, exceptional ranch horses, and range ready - performance packed Angus bulls.


Fall Female Production Sale

Every fall offering Registered, KBC influenced and consigned females. To consign contact us today. 



KBC was founded on one concept and one concept alone, to help make professional cattlemen more successful. By successful, we mean more profitable. With this in mind we set out guidelines that would create a standard of cattle comparable with this goal.


If we could help make any ranches cattle more efficient, adaptable, and fertile and last longer we could make them more profit. This is easier said than done, but every heard is a work in progress and we continue everyday to strive for that standard of excellence that will help make our partners in the industry all a success.


KBC was formed on a bench mark of reciprocate respect. After several years of the joys of raising cattle and the common goal of creating a top quality registered herd that would benefit not only the local ranchers but the local community, thus creating a partnership between KBC and our community. Soon we were able to put our heart and souls into a set of black cattle that would offer a new dynamic to an already exciting industry. We believe our product is more durable and adaptable than our competition. We treat our cattle like range cattle.


Here at KBC we believe in one thing above all other, maternal strength and the quality of the cow. She has been the mainstay of the industry since the beginning of time. No herd has gain or loss except through the eyes of the utter you might say. We have focused our attention on producing the best mother cows possible. Our cows have the efficiency, longevity, fertility, docility and adaptability to help our fellow cattlemen with the product of our bulls.



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